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These pages will host the rebuilding of my 1979 Chevy Monte Carlo...

The pictures that appear above is the cars current configuration.

I am running a 70's vintage 350 4 bolt main with stock cam and porting/polishing/triple angle valve job from the local machine shop. You can see the original install into the blue car before the body swap HERE...

I have also completely rebuilt the front end of this car on the streets of Brooklyn with my friend Joey... Thanks Joe for the help... You can see this drama unfold on this PAGE...

This car didn't always look like this. It's had some body work... This is the PAGE...

But the body work was done after the nasty job of having to do a BODY SWAP..

Here is a page that will show you how to do a body swap on a g-body. Even though mine is a 79 it pertains to all g-body's. Body Swap Tech

The above Monte Carlo is a combination of the blue car below and the red car. This Monte has had a complete frame swap from my blue Monte which was damaged in an accident. Click the link New Monte to see more of this car...

This is the blue Monte that started it all!

I bought this car from the original owner for $650 in August of 2000... It had 186k on the odometer. It had a 305 4bbl, turbo200 trans. Fact. A/C, power windows and seats and the interior had no rips except for the dashboard speaker grill. When I bought it I had to rebuild the carb and do a complete tune-up. It was running pretty bad. I found 2 bridged plugs and a burnt spark plug wire. After the tune-up and the carb rebuild it was running great.

Here are a bunch of pages I made up to show the history of this car.... Check it out and I hope you enjoy... Any comments just send me an email...

My burnout
This was just recently by my house after installing an 8.5" GN posi rear...
In 2008 I bought new rims and tires. Falken  Ziex ZE-512 and KMC Wheels Hot Wheels 17x9's front and rear.
New rim1New rim2
Never mind the way the car looks. It's going through some changes right now so the vinyl roof had to come off.

New rim3New rim 4
New rim5New rim6

These are my neighbors cars. ...

Roberts Turn

Roberts Burnout

Mikes Burnout

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